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Slave or Freeman?

It's Your Choice!

Back in the days of chattel slavery, the world was divided into slaves and freemen. And slaves could become freemen - either by "earning" it - or achieving it by other, more "creative" ways.

The slaves were those whose time had been captured - in that they had to give up their life/time/effort for the benefit of a master, who provided them with minimum lodgings and food in "recompense".

This "godly" order (as it was thought) has lasted throughout most of the world's history. Slaves and masters. Slaves and freemen. The masters, of course, were those who controlled, and extracted the life/time/effort from, the slaves.

Well, time may have passed, but today we still live in a world of slaves and freemen - except now, it is tax-slaves and tax-free freemen. Why do I equate chattel slavery with tax slavery? Simple really when you get down to the essence of it. A slave is someone who has had their life/time/effort commandeered on behalf of someone else (their master). Whereas, as tax-slave is someone whose life/time/effort has been commandeered on behalf of someone else (their government/society)!

The only difference is the mechanism - and the ratio of "slavery". A chattel slave had 100% of their life/time/effort stolen - in return for the barest essentials for living (food and lodging). A tax-slave has up to 60% of their life/time/effort stolen - in return for being allowed to keep the remaining 40% to pay for their own food and lodging!

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